Central Heating Power Flushing

What is Power Flushing? Chemical water treatment is required for both traditional central heating systems and some of the emerging renewable technologies. Treatment is required in these cases to ensure the system continues to run problem free, at optimum efficiency and maintain energy efficiency. Corrosion within central heating systems accounts for 85% of all system/boiler failures. Power flushing is the most efficient and effective method of cleansing a central heating system. Independent research has confirmed that sludge build up in radiators on a normal domestic heating system can reduce their overall effectiveness by as much as 30%.

Corrosion, scale debris and sludge in the system are the most common sources of problems that affect the efficiency of your boiler and heating system. You may notice cold spots at the bottom of your radiators, a noisy pump or just that the system does not heat your house the way it used to. Building regulations now state that when installing a new boiler on to a new or existing central heating system the minimum provision for boiler efficiency, system circulation and hot water storage is that the system should be thoroughly cleaned and protected by liquid additives and by magnetic filtration.

We are approved installers and use Guardian Solutions – Guardian provides a complete range of cleaning and flushing products, each with its own special characteristics designed to do a particular cleaning job.

It is recommendable to install a magnetic filter (Ultra Clean Pro Filter) to the heating system, it is developed to protect the boiler and heating system from harmful iron oxide and sludge build up. The design incorporates an externally removable magnet, therefore preventing direct contact with your hands. The drain off outlet allows for quick and easy removal of the accumulated metal oxides. It also incorporates a bleed valve to allow the injection of chemicals into the circuit. The built in flow management forces water to flow over the fins, thus maximising the iron oxide retention over an increased surface area. The transparent housing allows for visual inspection of the iron oxide retention for ease of knowing when to clean. The Ultra Clean Pro Filter provides protection by removing black iron oxide from the heating system, which in turn increases the efficiency of the heating system.  The Ultra Clean Pro Filter’s unique “externally removable” magnet construction allows the iron oxide to accumulate around the magnetic core. As the magnet is removed from the device from the outside the iron oxide is then free to be flushed from the filter using the outlet valve.