By using an OFTEC registered technician, you ensure that the work carried out in your home complies with building regulations and industry best practice.

Since 1st September 2009, all Irish manufacturers of oil boilers must produce a corresponding oil boiler passport for each boiler produced.  This passport includes a Commissioning Certificate which must be filled in by the commissioning technician and returned to the manufacturer, before a warranty for the boiler will be issued by the manufacturer.

A few facts regarding servicing your oil/gas boiler: The Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI) recommends that you get your boiler serviced every 12 months.

An annual boiler safety check and boiler service, carried out by a professional service engineer ensures that your boiler is functioning properly. Regular servicing of your boiler is important as it ensures that the boiler is working to the specifications designed by the boiler manufacturer. This will help prolong the life of the boiler as well as reduce the risk of faults and expensive repairs down the line.

On efficiency grounds it is well worth servicing oil boilers annually because the soot build-up is such as to significantly increase oil consumption. With gas, while soot build-up is not so much a problem because of its clean burning characteristics, an annual service would still be recommended